The Best Spiced Pulled Pork Recipe

The Best Spiced Pulled Pork Recipe
The Best Spiced Pulled Pork Recipe

Pulled pork sandwiches are still successful and appreciated in our daily life. If you wonder how to cook pulled pork to get a tasty complete pulled pork sandwich, don’t read other recipes, this pulled pork recipe is what you were looking for. A roasting pan is used to cook pork cuts but you may also use a slow cooker with pulled pork recipes.

Cooking with a roasting pan to get tasty and good food

You must have wondered how it is possible that a pulled pork sandwich is so delightful. The answer is simple, the taste comes from the way pork is cooked and then from the sauce. You need indeed many hours to let the pork be fully cooked, but it will have time to release its flavors. The meat is much more tender and, in addition with barbecue sauce, that makes an ultimately tasty pulled pork sandwich.

Pulled pork marinade

This pulled pork recipe is so tasty that you won’t look for another polled pork recipe : the marinade is made up with soy sauce, chilli powder, chinese spice, sugar, garlic and ginger and the flavors are so good your guests will be immediately surpised once it is served.

Pulled pork is very famous and people crave for it : the meat is slowly cooked with the marinade for more taste and the meat is more tender than with other ways to cook pork. The result is totally different from other recipes. Grilled pork chops on a grill outdoors is also tasty and smoky but the meat isn’t so good and tender.

Pulled pork sandwiches

A slow cooked pork is cut into shreds and added to a delicious rice recipe, such as for some Chinese pulled pork recipe, or it is used to make a pulled pork sandwich.

Pulled pork sandwiches are commonly sold in specific oriental restaurants and are quite similar to kebabs (kebabs require grilled meat) but with another meat. You simply fill bread (hamburger buns, pita bread, or bread you find in your local grocery store) with slices of pulled pork, bbq sauce or another marinade and cooked veggies, a coleslaw or French fries. Once the sandwich is complete, serve immadiately so that your guests fully appreciate its warm flavors !

You need 8 hours to cook pulled pork but you can let the oven or roating pan do the job, and you get a tender and tasty meat which is appreciated by everybody, kids and adults !

The ingredients you need to cook this pulled pork recipe

The Best Spiced Pulled Pork Recipe
The Best Spiced Pulled Pork Recipe

For the pulled pork

  • 5 tbspoon soy sauce
  • 4 tbspoon chilli powder
  • 3 tbsp Chinese spice powder
  • 2 tbsp light muscovado sugar
  • 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • 4cm/1½in fresh root ginger, peeled and finely chopped
  • 3kg/6lb 8oz boneless pork shoulder, rind removed
  • 150g mayonnaise
  • 10-12 sesame seed buns, split open and toasted

For the spicy slaw

  • 3 tbspoon vegetable oil
  • 2 tbspoon soy sauce
  • ½ red cabbage, very thinly sliced
  • 1 red onion, finely chopped
  • 1 large carrot, cut into thin matchsticks
  • 2 red chillies, finely chopped
  • black pepper
The Best Spiced Pulled Pork Recipe
The Best Spiced Pulled Pork Recipe

How to cook pulled pork

  • Preheat the oven to 150C.
  • Prepare the marinade : Put the soy sauce, chilli powder, chinese spice, sugar, garlic and ginger in a large bowl and mix together until the paste is homogeneous.
  • Cook pork to get pulled pork : Put the pork in a deep roasting tray and rub with the paste. Cover with foil and cook for 8–10 hours, or until the meat is tender enough and ready to be shred.
  • Prepare the slaw just before serving. Mix the sesame oil and soy sauce together in a large bowl. Add the cabbage, onion, carrot and chilli. Toss together until well mixed. Season to taste with pepper.
  • Once the pork is ready, shred it with a fork and serve it in toasted sesame buns with mayonnaise and the spicy slaw.
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