Best Omelet Recipe

Best Omelet Recipe
Best Omelet Recipe

Omelet is a universally favorite breakfast. It is eaten in all most every country in the world. The recipe may differ a bit and the spices and herbs and fillings used also vary but eggs for breakfast is a general choice. Making omelet can be as varied as possible; there is not one single way of making an omelet. Every person makes it differently. And there is a wide variety of the kinds of omelets you can make.

The best omelet recipe out of hundreds can be a difficult task. And saying that this is the best omelet recipe in the world can be unjust. I would rather say that of all the different kinds of omelets I have eaten and tasted, this is the best omelet recipe according to my choice.

What are the qualities of the best omelet?

Well, a perfect omelet should be generally whichever omelet you like and enjoy. But if you want to make an omelet like the ones made in restaurants and five-star hotels by chefs, then these are the qualities the best omelet should possess:

  • It should be fluffy
  • Omelet has to be soft to be perfect
  • Undercooked and overcooked omelets can leave a bad taste in your mouth. So the omelet should be perfectly cooked. It should be firm and light golden or yellowish
  • Fillings should be separately fired or cooked. They should be raw when you bite into your omelet
Best Omelet Recipe
Best Omelet Recipe

Recipe for best omelet:

Servings: 1 serving
Time in total: 15 minutes


  • 3 eggs (make sure they are warmed in hot water for 5 minutes)
  • Salt to taste or a pinch
  • 1 ½ teaspoon of butter (take it out of the refrigerator 15 minutes before making an omelet so it gets to room temperature)
  • 1/2 teaspoon fresh chives, finely chopped
Best Omelet Recipe
Best Omelet Recipe


  • Take a bowl and crack the eggs into it
  • Add salt and whisk the eggs
  • Add water and whisk thoroughly
  • Heat a non-stick pan on the stove on medium flame
  • Put the butter in it
  • When the butter melts, tilt the pan so it gets coated with butter completely. You can also use a brush to coat the pan with melted butter
  • Pour the eggs into the pan and stir with a spatula for a few seconds
  • When the eggs start to become solid and settle in, tilt the pan to get the uncooked eggs pour into the pan
  • Push the corners of the omelet with the spatula
  • Let the omelet sit in for a sometime till you feel it is perfectly cooked
  • Shake the pan a bit so that the eggs are loose
  • You can fold the omelet in the pan or you can do it while you serve on the plate
  • Just use the spatula to turn the omelet into half or fold it twice over one- third of the omelet to make a roll
  • Coat it with a bit of butter with the brush
  • Now sprinkle chopped chives to finish it
  • Serve the best omelet
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